Camila Alves Credits Eating Baby Food for Her Flat Stomach

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Photo: Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto via Getty

The secret to Camila Alves‘ slim stomach? Fresh fruits, organic proteins — and baby food.

The model and mom of three changed up her diet over the past year after she started feeling uncomfortable with her body on the red carpet with husband Matthew McConaughey.

“Around awards season, I was feeling really bloated, so I called a friend who’s a nutritionist, Rachel Beller, and I asked her what I could do,” Alves, 34, tells Delish. “I think the big thing, really, is listening to what your body tells you.”

One thing that really worked for Alves is replacing meals with pureed foods.

“I did a cleanse, and there were a lot of pureed meals, and my body just agreed with it,” she says. “I was getting really swollen in my stomach area, so I felt my digestive system needed a break. It wasn’t realistic to do all pureed meals, so I do a combination.”

Now, Alves makes lunch each day with a few packs of baby food from the company she co-founded, Yummy Spoonfuls. Alves thaws three of the vegetable puree packets and sautés them with olive oil and a mix of spices, finishing each bowl with more olive oil, freshly ground pepper, sea salt, and a bit of turmeric over top.

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As for the rest of her day, Alves’ mornings are filled with superfoods for digestion, starting with a yerba mate tea and a detox shake, made with a special “detox powder,” almond milk, and berries. With all her berries, she washes them the night before with “a little white vinegar, just to really clean them,” and leaves them out with other fruits to grab and go.

She snags another packet of Yummy Spoonfuls—this time in the apple, strawberry and banana flavor—as an afternoon snack when she goes to pick up the kids from summer camp.

Dinner is a little more traditional for Alves, focusing on a protein with black beans and a vegetable. The most important thing for her is sourcing.

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“For me, clean eating is making sure whatever I’m eating is fresh or organic, and that I’m only eating packaged foods with ingredients I recognize,” she says. “Yesterday, I was flying back from New York to LA, and I ate cashews on the plane and wasn’t feeling well. I looked at the ingredients and say it had all this extra stuff in it.”

And if her stomach is really off, Alves boils up parsley in four cups of water, and drinks three to four cups of it for three days before she has to go to an event.

“It was around my time of the month, and I was feeling really bloated, and it really helped,” she explains.

If that sounds odd, then her nighttime ritual is not for the squeamish. Before bed, Alves drinks one to two tablespoons of olive oil with a squeeze of lemon juice.

“It helps — how do you say it? — lubricate your intestines.”

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