"I always cooked this for my kids when they were growing up," Caitlyn Jenner says in the first episode of Cooking with Caitlyn Jenner! on YouTube

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Some surprising celebrities have debuted their own cooking shows this year — and now Caitlyn Jenner is entering the kitchen with her new YouTube show.

The former Olympian, 70, showed off her cooking skills in her new YouTube show Cooking with Caitlyn Jenner! In the first episode, Jenner cooks up Fettuccine with Sausage and Peppers from ex Kris Jenner's cookbook, In the Kitchen with Kris.

"I'm not in the kitchen very often, but once in a while, I am. I was actually in the kitchen more when my kids were growing up," Jenner says in the video. "One of my favorite things to cook was this fettuccine with sausage and peppers because you could make a big bowl of it and the kids would eat it for days."

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The reality star shares sons Brandon Jenner, 39, and Brody Jenner, 36, with ex-wife Linda Thompson; daughter Cassandra Marino, 40, and son Burt Jenner, 41, with ex-wife Chrystie Crownover; and daughters Kendall Jenner, 24, and Kylie Jenner, 23, with Kris. She also helped raise Kris' kids with the late Robert Kardashian Sr.: Kourtney, 40, Kim, 39, Khloé, 36, and Rob, 33.

Jenner starts with the prep work of chopping up red, green, and yellow peppers. Once she's finished she exclaims, "We're done chopping! That was a lot of work, it's the hardest part of this you know."

Moving onto the fun part: cooking on the stove. Jenner brings in her roommate Sophia Hutchins to be her assistant. Hutchins isn't much help, instead she watches from the sideline sipping some white wine while Jenner cooks.

As Jenner cooks the garlic in the pan, Hutchins claims she's never seen her cook before. "Oh, don't give me this 'I've never seen you cook,' " says Jenner. "I've made this for you before!" The two banter back and forth a bit before Hutchins finally admits that she's had this pasta "maybe once" before.

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Throughout the video, Hutchins shares some tough love when it comes to Jenner's process, at one point questioning the amount of seasoning salt she adds, "Are you trying to give us a heart attack?"

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star doesn't let Hutchin's critiques get to her, and finishes cooking with grace. A few of Hutchin's friends stop by for a taste test and everyone agrees the pasta is delicious.

"I think my first cooking show was a success!" Jenner says. "Everyone was a member of the clean plate club."

Check out the full video above or on her new YouTube channel.