Cadbury Is Hiring Paid Taste Testers to Try Out Their Chocolate

There are four spots open at the company's headquarters in the UK

A bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate
Photo: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty

How’s this for a sweet gig?

Cadbury is hiring a chocolate taste tester – meaning now’s your chance to make some money truly doing what you love.

The position is located across the pond in Wokingham, UK, at the global research center for Cadbury’s parent company Mondelez International, which also owns Green & Blacks and Oreo.

The role, which pays $14 per hour, requires no formal training, but potential candidates should note there’s a lot more to eating chocolate than one would think.

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The job opening says testers must be able to offer objective and honest feedback, have a passion for all things chocolate and be able to properly communicate the subtleties between flavors and textures in the candy.

“We get a selection of chocolates to taste, to smell, and the texture and everything, and we have to write down what we can smell in it,” tester Beverly Tyler says in a video explaining the process. “Usually there’s always a sweetness, a creaminess. Caramel usually comes through, malt usually comes through. And if there’s at least seven of us who got malt, then we keep that.”

There are currently four spots open, each at eight hours a week as not to tire out the tester’s palates.

Applications must be sent in by March 8, though if you miss the deadline don’t fret – the company hires new tasters every year, with a similar opening last year drawing more than 6,000 applicants.

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