Burger King's Beloved Italian Original Chicken Sandwich Is Finally Back in Stores

It's the first time the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich has been back on the Burger King menu since 2014

Burger King's Beloved Italian Original Chicken Sandwich Is Finally Back in Stores
Photo: Courtesy of Burger King

Burger King fans, rejoice — the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich is back!

The fan-favorite, tasty sub is a take on the restaurant chain's iconic Original Chicken Sandwich, which debuted back in 1979 (anyone else feeling old?).

It's the first time back on the Burger King menu since 2014.

Made with lightly breaded white meat chicken, the sandwich is topped with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese — all sandwiched between an elongated sesame seed bun.

Of course, like all good things, the Italian Original Chicken Sandwich will only be be available for a limited time

It is, however, coming with a nice deal! Hungry Burger King customers can purchase it as part of the "2 for $6" line-up, alongside their Whopper sandwich, Impossible Whopper, Chicken Fries, or Big Fish sandwich.

A Burger King restaurant seen in Milton, PA
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Burger King has been changing up its menu, recently.

Back in September, the fast food giant is permanently banning 120 artificial ingredients from their food menus, in an effort to further what a press release called "the brand's commitment to deliver real food to their customers."

According to the Burger King website, 90% of the Burger King permanent food menu in the US is free of colors, flavors, and preservatives from artificial sources. The brand hopes to reach 100% by the end of this year.

"For years Burger King has been paving the way to a Real menu with the same flame-grilled flavors you crave," the brand said on its website. "Thousands visit BK restaurants, and to those thousands, we promise to actively evaluate how our food is prepared and strive to eliminate the use of colors, flavors, and preservatives from artificial sources, wherever possible, that compromise the realness of your BK faves."

"To make change, you gotta be the change," they added. "That's why we banned 120 non-essential artificial ingredients from our food. Because we're committed to the realness of every crunch, sizzle, and Mmmm that will keep bringing you back for more."

Burger King
Burger King

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The brand also started its own loyalty program this year, named Royal Perks.

Developed for Burger King super-fans, the new digital program allows customers to earn rewards for every dollar spent and redeem them for free menu items and more.

"It feels like we've just accepted what brands have told us is possible with loyalty programs over the years, so as we started working on Royal Perks, it was easy, let's do what the others don't," said Ellie Doty, Chief Marketing Officer of Burger King, North America in a press release. "To make sure we get it right, we're testing, learning and solving this year."

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