Burger King Debuts Whopper 'Donuts' for National Doughnut Day

This year, the fast food chain wants to get in on the action.

Even though Burger King doesn’t traditionally serve doughnuts, this year, the fast food chain wants to get in on the action for National Doughnut Day.

On June 1, they will be releasing what they’re calling the “Whopper Donut.” The creation isn’t sweet, though—it’s basically the classic Whopper burger with a hole cut out from the middle to make it look the beloved pastry. But don’t worry, you’re not losing out on a part of your burger: It will be served on the side as a bite-sized treat.

Only five select locations (see below) will be selling the creation, which means you have to live in Boston, Miami Beach, Los Angeles, New York City or Salt Lake City in order to get your hands on it.

Burger King
    • 128 Tremont Street in Boston
    • 1100 – 5th Street in Miami Beach
    • 1601 N. Hacienda Boulevard in Los Angeles
    • 327 West 42nd Street in New York City
    • 2450 S 1900 W in Salt Lake City

If you’re unable to indulge in the Whopper on this very special day —or you’re looking for the real thing and not a burger—we’ve rounded up the best doughnuts across the nation so you won’t go hungry.

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