Burger King Trolls Donald Trump for Misspelling Hamburgers in Tweet: 'We're All Out of Hamberders'

The fast food chain jokingly tweeted that they were "all out of hamberders" after Trump misspelled the word

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Burger King wants to make one thing clear: they offer both hamburgers and withering jokes.

On Tuesday morning, President Donald Trump proudly shared on Twitter that he had served the Clemson University football team a massive spread of hamburgers, french fries and pizza from several fast food chains, including Burger King.

“Great being with the National Champion Clemson Tigers last night at the White House. Because of the Shutdown I served them massive amounts of Fast Food (I paid), over 1000 hamberders etc. Within one hour, it was all gone. Great guys and big eaters!” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet, which was captured by Josh Sternberg.

Donald Trump hamberders
Donald Trump’s misspelled tweet. Twitter

But less than an hour later, Burger King jokingly sent out a tweet of their own and called out Trump, 72, for misspelling one very important item on their menu.

“due to a large order placed yesterday, we’re all out of hamberders. just serving hamburgers today,” the fast food chain wrote, mocking the President’s spelling error.

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Burger King’s tweet. Twitter

Their humorous tweet sent the Internet into a frenzy, with many users suggesting the chain consider switching their official name to “Berder King,” while others created mock logos for the restaurant.

“This is A- trolling. A+ would be changing their username to Berder King,” tweeted one user.

“This is a Whopper of a tweet,” added someone else.

“No better #hamberder shade has ever been thrown. You’re not the King for nothing!” wrote another person.

Trump has since re-tweeted the same message on his account with the correct spelling of “hamburger.”

In addition to food from Burger King, the Clemson team — who were visiting the White House on Monday to celebrate their national championship victory — were also served food from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Domino’s.

With the White House kitchen staff furloughed due to the shutdown of the federal government, the president relied on the fast food chains to provide a “large” and “American” meal to the South Carolina team.

Clemson Tigers celebrate their Championship at the White House, Washington, USA - 14 Jan 2019
President Donald Trump. CHRIS KLEPONIS/POOL/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock

The fast food — laid out on silver platters across a candelabra-lit table in the State Dining Room — was paid for by Trump personally, he claimed to reporters.

“Because of the shutdown, you know we have the great Clemson team with us, the national champions. So we went out and we ordered American fast food, paid for by me,” Trump said, CNN reported. “Lots of hamburgers, lots of pizza. … We have some very large people that like eating. So I think we’re going to have a little fun.”

Added deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley to CNN in a statement: “The President wanted to host a fun event to celebrate the College Football National Champion Clemson Tigers. Because the Democrats refuse to negotiate on border security, much of the residence staff at the White House is furloughed, so the President is personally paying for the event to be catered with some of everyone’s favorite fast foods.”

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Trump certainly seemed happy with how things to turned out. To celebrate, the former Celebrity Apprentice host — who has claimed in the past to be a big fan of fast food himself — posed behind the table for photographers, beaming with pride.

He called the smorgasbord “great American food,” CNN reported. “If it’s American, I like it,” he said. “It’s all American stuff.”

Later, Trump told the Clemson team that he had bought “1,000” food items, Time reported.

We have Big Macs, we have Quarter Pounders with cheese, we have everything that I like, that you like,” he said. “And I know no matter what we did, there’s nothing you could have that’s better than that.”

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