October 17, 2018 09:00 AM

Just in time for Halloween, Burger King is releasing a special-edition sandwich that is not for the faint of heart.

The “Nightmare King” features a green bun, a quarter-pound of beef, a crispy chicken fillet, melted American cheese, thick-cut bacon, mayonnaise and onions on a glazed green sesame seed bun.

In a new online advertisement for the sandwich (below), the fast food brand claims to have partnered with Paramount Trials and Florida Sleep & Neuro Diagnostic Services, Inc. to conduct a scientific study over ten nights with 100 participants. After eating the new burger, they allege, the incidence of nightmares increased by 3.5 times, according to the results.

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In the clip, people are asked to eat the burger before going to bed and then they’re hooked up to a sleep monitoring machine for the night.

“I remember hearing voices and people walking around talking,” one test subject says. “When I would wake up I think I didn’t hear the voices.”

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Another person says: “Someone in my dream turned into the burger. The burger then transformed into the figure of a snake.”

You, too, can enjoy the burger, with a side of nightmares, for $6.39 starting on Oct. 22. In celebration of the new menu item, Postmates will offer free delivery when you purchase it between Oct. 22 and Oct. 25.

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