September 25, 2015 01:02 PM

Burger King

Steak sauce in a bun? You officially have our attention.

On Monday, Burger King is launching a special edition Halloween Whopper sandwich, which will be served on “spooky” black buns flavored with A.1. steak sauce.

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The seasonal burger is inspired by BK’s “black burger,” which was only ever served in Japan (though raised alarm worldwide).

Aside from the Halloween Whopper’s black bun — which will have a smokey, black pepper flavor from the A.1. steak sauce — the sandwich will have the same ingredients as any other Whopper: beef patty, melted American cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, pickles and onions.

The burger will be available for a limited time nationwide, selling for the suggested price of $4.99.

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Will the new Whopper be scary good or just plain scary? We’ll see on Monday.

—Maria Yagoda, @mariayagoda

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