Burger King Is Bringing Back Cheesy Tots Again — But Only for a Limited Time

Burger King announced this week that their beloved Cheesy Tots are back yet again at participating restaurants across the United States

Burger King cheesy tots
Photo: Burger King

Reunited and it tastes so good!

Burger King announced this week that their beloved Cheesy Tots are back yet again — but, like always, only for a limited amount of time.

Much like their name implies, Cheesy Tots are snackable potato bites filled with melted cheese, which come coated in crunch bread crumbs — and they’re served hot.

The tater tot snacks are currently available across the United States at participating restaurants and are being sold in sets of 4 for $1, a Burger King spokesperson told The Takeout.

On Friday, Burger King celebrated the tasty news on social media.

Responding to a year-old Tweet, where a fan jokingly wrote, “If you knew BK has cheesy tots again and didn’t tell me, ur a fake friend,” the fast food brand advised others to learn a valuable lesson from the betrayal.

“Don’t be a fake friend, let Kelsey know Cheesy Tots are back for a limited time,” they wrote.

“You guys really waited a year for this” asked one fan, noting the timestamp.

“Good things come to those who wait,” they replied.

The Burger King Cheesy Tots saga stared a decade ago, when the fast food brand first took the bite-sized tater tots off their menu, according to Thrillist.

Fans of the snack then started the appropriately-titled Facebook page, “Bring Back the Cheesy Tots From Burger King,” and over the years, Cheesy Tots would return to the menu, only to be taken away again.

Most recently, Cheesy Tots appeared on Burger King’s menu back in March — but with a twist.

“We asked bacon where it wanted to go next. it said, ‘cheesy tots.’ introducing Bacon Cheesy Tots™ now at BK,” the company wrote on Instagram at the time.

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