Buffalo Wild Wings Adds Pumpkin Spice Flavor to Their Menu & the Internet Doesn't Know How to Feel

The sports bar chain has officially added the fall-inspired sauce to their menu for a limited time

buffalo wild wings pumpkin ale sauce wingsCredit: Buffalo Wild Wings
Photo: Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings has taken the country's pumpkin spice obsession to a whole new level.

The sports bar chain has added a new sauce to their menu in honor of fall's arrival.

The BBQ Pumpkin Ale sauce has been available to restaurant-goers since October 1 and will only be offered for a limited time, according to the food chain's website.

"It's fall's favorite flavor," a description on the site reads. "Ale mixes with BBQ flavors and pumpkin spice for a taste of the season."

In addition to the pumpkin-inspired sauce, BWW is also offering a new enchilada sauce — made from a combination of chili sauce and spices — to slather their wings in.

And if the sauce isn't enough to satisfy your Mexican cravings, customers who dine-in have the option to add cheese, sour cream, and green onions on top for an extra charge.

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Needless to say, the Internet quickly discovered the new pumpkin-flavored menu item and jumped on the craze — as they have done before with pumpkin-spiced lattes, Cheerios, coffee creamer, and Milano cookies.

"I love Buffalo Wild Wings & I'm very excited to try the new pumpkin spiced wings this weekend," wrote a user.

Meanwhile, others were sickened by the idea of the sauce, claiming that the pumpkin craze was "getting out of control."

"I am a proponent of pumpkin spiced things. I am not a hater," wrote one user. "But I have to draw a line somewhere. We were just offered pumpkin spiced wings at Buffalo Wild Wings."

"Apparently Buffalo Wild Wings has a pumpkin spice flavored sauce and idk if I want to vomit or go buy a bucket of it," wrote another Twitter user.

Someone else jokingly tweeted, "If you needed any more signs that we're at the end of days, Buffalo Wild Wings has a pumpkin-spice sauce on the menu."

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