Bud Light Partners with EatOkra App to Spotlight Black-Owned Restaurants This Football Season

"Bud Light Thursday Night Shoutout" will promote Black-owned restaurants and the owners' stories throughout the NFL season

Bud Light, Eat Okra
Bud Light, EatOKra. Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty; EatOkra

Bud Light is teaming up with an innovative food directory app to promote Black-owned restaurants throughout the 2020 NFL season.

As part of the new campaign "Bud Light Thursday Night Shoutout," the beer brand will air commercials throughout Thursday Night Football for the next few months to tell stories of local Black-owned businesses, while amplifying the stories of each restaurant owner’s personal journey alongside their menu items.

These restaurants can be located with the eatOkra app, a free directory that helps diners find Black-owned restaurants and food trucks in over 20 cities including New York, Portland, and Chicago.

The commercials, shot by director and documentarian Jason Harper, will capture each business owner’s personal story of how they started.

Bud Light’s first "Thursday Night Shoutout," premiering ahead of the Cleveland Browns’ season opener, will highlight Cleveland’s own Beckham's B & M Bar B Que, a family-owned southern restaurant.

Over the course of the NFL season, Bud Light will continue to advertise various Black-owned restaurants in select host cities on Thursday Night Football.

The eatOkra app, founded in 2016 by New York-based couple Anthony and Janique Edwards, shot up on Apple's App Store chart earlier this year following the George Floyd protests and influx of support for Black-owned businesses.

Along with finding new restaurants, eatOkra users can also bookmark their favorites and share the spots with family and friends.

EatOkra Black-Owned Restaurant Finder App
eatOkra App. EatOkra

In light of its rising popularity, eatOkra's founders previously took to Instagram to explain the app's mission. "Fueled by the energy surrounding so many on-going discussions on the preservation of black lives and black spaces, eatOkra started as just a conversation about our desires to give something of substance back to our community," the caption began. "We chose food because food is customary. Nothing embodies this idea of community more than the act of feeding someone or coming together to eat or be fed."

"Yes, we considered the economic advantages of supporting black restaurants and black business owners, which is definitely a plus; however, more than anything, our mission is to provide a food-themed directory that encourages fellowship through one specific avenue, black food," the caption explained.

Continue to support Black-owned businesses by downloading the eatOkra app and checking out other food, beauty, and lifestyle brands here.

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