October 24, 2014 03:41 PM

Denise Truscello

Does keeping up with Britney Spears on stage work up a major appetite? Maybe so, since the pop star treated the dancers in her Las Vegas show to a family-style dinner on Thursday.

The singer was joined by more than 15 of her dancers at the Italian restaurant Buca di Beppo, where the question to ask is not so much “what did they order?” but, rather, “what didn’t they order?”

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Their courses included three types of salad, lemon chicken, salmon, penne alla vodka as well as pepperoni and Margherita pizza.

Somehow the group even saved room for dessert, wrapping up with a double dark chocolate cake, cheesecake and chocolate chip cannolis — but we’re guessing those calories are easily burned off in an hour-long rehearsal.

Denise Truscello

In between dishing out the entrées herself, Spears gave a toast to her cast in honor of their hard work and the success of her show, Britney: Piece of Me at The Axis in Planet Hollywood.

If you’re hoping for a piece of this meal, PEOPLE got the lemon chicken recipe, which makes a fantastic easy weeknight dinner.

Buca di Beppo’s Chicken Limone (Lemon Chicken)
Makes 2 servings

4 large lemons
¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil
2 chicken breasts, boneless and skinless
Kosher salt
1 cup flour
¼ cup white wine
1 stick unsalted butter, softened
2 tbsp. capers

1. Juice lemons in a small bowl and set aside a few wedges for garnish.
2. Heat olive oil in a 12-inch sauté pan on medium-high heat.
3. Pound the chicken to about ¼ -inch thickness and dust with salt and flour. Place chicken in sauté pan; and brown on both sides, ensuring chicken is cooked all the way through. Once golden brown on both sides, add white wine and lemon juice for approximately two to three minutes to reduce approximately half of the liquid.
4. Turn off heat and cut chicken halfway through with a knife. If not completely cooked, place in oven at 400 degree for five minutes.
5. Add butter and capers to the pan with the white wine and lemon sauce, stirring all ingredients. Pour sauce directly on top of chicken breasts. Garnish with lemon wedges.

—Ana Calderone

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