November 25, 2015 11:40 AM

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How does Bridget Moynahan rate her cooking skills?

I would say I’m far from being a chef,” the Blue Bloods star told PEOPLE on Tuesday. “I am a pretty decent cook.”

“I don’t get that many complaints in my household,” she added with a laugh. But Moynahan, 44, says her biggest critic might be her 8-year-old son, John.

“I think that if it doesn’t pass him, it rarely makes it back to the table,” said Moynahan, who admits she tries to cook for her son every night. “Luckily, he’s got a wide range in his palette and he’s open to trying a lot of different things.”

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As for one of her favorite recipes to whip up for her family, she says she recently made her Blue Bloods Cookbook‘s Veal Scallopini and the “super flavorful” entrée is now “making it into the rotation.”

But along with making scrumptious everyday dishes, the actress’s favorite thing “is to cook big giant meals like Easter and Thanksgiving dinners.”

“I always host holiday dinners,” said Moynahan, who notes that one of her Thanksgiving staples is her brother’s recipe for sautéed leeks. “It’s in the book and it is so yummy and so easy to make. That’s always on our menu.”

Another dish she plans on indulging in this week is “the stuffing that comes out of the bird because it’s so moist with all of the juices.”

And the Coyote Ugly star—who tied the knot to husband Andrew Frankel in October—said this Thanksgiving they’re going “to be more conscious about the ingredients” that go into the dishes because one of her husband’s sons “is allergic to nuts and tree nuts.”

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It’s a nice challenge for me to have that as a obstacle,” she said, “because you really have to find dishes and creative ways to make things that are safe for everybody.”

—Mariah Haas

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