Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's French Estate Is Releasing a New Wine — Get All the Details

A source has told PEOPLE that the former couple views the business as "an investment for their children."

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Despite their divorce, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie remain partnered in their wine business and committed to expanding their line.

The latest project from Chateau Miraval, the former couple’s French winery, was disclosed to Wine Spectator on Tuesday by Pitt and Jolie’s partner Marc Perrin.

“We are working very hard with [one of the leading champagne producers] Rodolphe Péters,” Perrin told the publication of their new rosé champagne, adding that Péters has employed saignée, a unique rosé-making technique for optimal quality.

Once particular to Provence, France, saignée is the preferred method of creating rosé as it builds better, bolder wine by “bleeding” away a portion of pressed grape juice from contact with the mash. The longer pressed grapes remain in contact with seeds and skins, the darker its juice becomes as it heads on its way to becoming red wine. The method is an antique one and has devotees in noted winemaking regions like the Loire, Rhone and Napa valleys.

Angelina Jolie; Brad Pitt. Stefan Rousseau - WPA Pool/Getty; Jason Kempin/Getty

A source tells PEOPLE that the project “has been in development for three or four years. Miraval is all about the art of making rosé and this champagne—which is made in the Champagne district—is a cooperation, combining Provencal knowledge with champagne making.” (In France, where they take their bubbly very seriously, champagne cannot be called champagne unless it is grown and bottled in the delimited growing region of Champagne.)

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The collaboration, Perrin told Wine Spectator, “will create the only Champagne house which only makes rosé.” He added: “We are going to try to push the quality of rosé as far as possible in Champagne.”

The new wine is due to arrive within months, and marks the latest expansion of the Chateau Miraval line. In 2019, Brad introduced two new rosé bottlings: Studio in January, and in May, he personally introduced Muse, a much prized bottle to guests in Cannes at the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood post-screening party.

Winemaking remains a family project, the source notes: “Chateau Miraval began as a project between the Jolie-Pitt and the Perrin family. And now it has grown to include the Péters family. The continuity and the family are very important to Brad and Angelina.”

When their last wine was released in 2019, sources told PEOPLE that the move “reaffirms the couple’s attachment to Miraval.” Sources have consistently told PEOPLE they view the business as “an investment for their children.”

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