Bobby Flay Opens His First Italian Restaurant Amalfi — See Inside

Plus get a cocktail recipe from the restaurant inside Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

Bobby Flay Amalfi restaurant
Photo: Amalfi

Bobby Flay has been traveling to Italy (on-screen and off) for over a decade, but he's only just now opening his first Italian restaurant.

The cohost of Food Network's BBQ Brawl opened Amalfi inside Las Vegas's Caesars Palace in the same location his restaurant Mesa Grill fed diners for 16 years. The new concept serves fresh fish, homemade pasta, and more Italian flavors that will transport you to the Mediterranean without leaving the country.

"Before this year, I was going to the Amalfi Coast every summer for at least 10 days or two weeks, and making it part of my calendar, basically," Flay tells PEOPLE of his inspiration, "and I just fell in love with the environment there."

Some of Flay's favorite dishes include the squid ink pasta with lobster and shrimp, spaghetti zucchine, which is served with zucchini and shishito pesto, and the variety of seafood they offer.

"We have tons of fresh fish where people go to the marketplace in the restaurant and basically pick out their own fish, and then we take it from there," he says. "We pair it with some sauces, we either roast it whole or we fillet it and cook it on the grill."

Amalfi squid ink pasta

In addition to the market room, which houses the fish over ice in gorgeous blue mosaic coolers, Amalfi also features a main dining room, private room and bar-lounge all designed by Olivia Jane Design & Interiors.

You can get a taste of the restaurant with the recipe below for their Amalfi Spritz, a slightly bitter cocktail that's perfect for summer sipping.

The Amalfi Spritz
The Amalfi Spritz. Amalfi

The Amalfi Spritz

1½ oz. Aperitivo Cappelletti
3 oz. prosecco
1-2 oz. club soda
Orange half-moon slice

Fill a spritz glass with ice cubes. Add the Cappelletti first, then top with the prosecco and club soda. Do a quick stir with bar spoon from the bottom of the glass to pull up the bitter. Garnish with the orange slice by inserting it between ice and glass and push it down into the drink.

Watch Bobby Flay alongside Michael Symon and Eddie Jackson on BBQ Brawl, airing Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Food Network.

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