The Always Hungry podcast launches April 27 on iHeartRadio and features the celebrity chef and his daughter delving into new recipes during each episode
sophie flay, bobby flay
Credit: Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Bobby Flay and his daughter Sophie are cooking up something new!

The celebrity chef, 56, and the ABC7 Los Angeles community journalist, 25, launched a new iHeartRadio Original podcast together on Tuesday, April 27, called Always Hungry. The podcast name is a play on the father-daughter duo's cravings for food and conversation, and the connection they share. 

Listeners are "going to get more than just a couple of cooking tips on this thing," Bobby tells PEOPLE exclusively. "It's really a conversation about life and being a parent, being a daughter, being friends and being adventurous in the world of food."

Each episode—themed around specific foods like burgers or tacos, or concepts like what to wear when going out to dinner—showcases the pair's different perspectives. 

"I'm a man, she's a woman, I'm really an east coaster, she's a west coaster. We come from two different generations," says Bobby. "And while we have lots of things that we have in common in terms of life, there are things that clearly differentiate us in so many ways," he continues, adding, "I always feel like Sophie brings out the stereotypical 'guy in his fifties' attitude [in me]."

Bobby Flay and Sophie Flay
Credit: iHeartmedia

Those differences are what bring the podcast to life, animating their discussions with playful banter that make it feel like you're sitting at the Flay's dinner table, listening to potato pancakes sizzle on the stove as the Food Network star shares tips on how to get them extra crispy (grate them into a dish towel and squeeze out the excess water) while discussing the etiquette of dressing up for dinner. 

"That's what we do as a family, is we have conversations. I just thought it would be really interesting to continue on a podcast," he tells PEOPLE. 

"I know him as my dad, but he basically had a whole other life before me," Sophie says. "I feel really lucky that we get to have these conversations off microphone and on microphone too, so other people get to enjoy them as well."

On the podcast, "he does a lot more cooking than I do," Sophie says, adding with a laugh, "I do a lot of the eating." 

The pair previously collaborated on a Food Network show, The Flay List. "We don't think of this as work. This is totally fun. It's just the two of us. And I think it actually helps our relationship because we get to talk even more about how we feel about things," says Bobby.

"We've been very lucky to have a fantastic relationship and it continues to get better and better. And I think that the only way it gets better and better is conversation," he adds. 

New episodes of Always Hungry will be available every Tuesday on iHeartRadio or wherever you get your podcasts.