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Credit: Bob Saget/Instagram; Getty

Here’s a fun, flirty ice breaker for your next dinner party: The person on the Cholula hot sauce bottle? Kinda looks like Bob Saget. Or does (s)he?

First, let’s give some background. If you are to believe what Wikipedia tells you, the portrait is of a woman named Camila Harrison and she is the matriarch of the Cholula company family. And yet, there appears to be no other info on her—even on Cholula’s website. Representatives for the company could not immediately give PEOPLE a response about who’s on the bottle. Could it be that it’s actually Bob Saget?

While the untrained eye may not catch the resemblance at first glance, it’s one of those can’t-unsee-it kind of moments. The comedian himself sparked the debate with an Instagram post on Tuesday. “Seriously, I do not remember posing for this,” he captioned what could be an amateur sketch of a young Danny Tanner massaging a jalapeño.

Commenters were quick to chime in, many in agreement. “Every time I’m in a restaurant, and they have Cholula, I ask someone to pass the Saget,” one fan wrote.

Others saw the likeness of different ’90s sitcom heartthrobs, like Tony Danza and Saget’s Full House costar John Stamos. (She does have a decidedly more slicked back hairdo, which works in Stamos’ favor—though the softer facial features may be closer to Saget’s.)

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Saget is not this first one to peddle this conspiracy, though. In 2015, Reddit user Purple_elephant1353 posted a photo of the bottle with the caption, “When your Cholula sauce lady looks like Bob Saget…”. The post did not go viral, receiving merely one comment, but history will remember Purple_elephant1353 as being ahead of his/her time.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with Bob Saget and Purple_elephant1353 that the Cholula Hot Sauce woman looks like Bob Saget? Please vote below.