Blake Lively Shows Off Ryan Reynolds' Hilarious Christmas Cookie Fail

The star couple is known for poking fun at each other on social media.

It’s not officially the Christmas season until you have an epic baking fail — and Ryan Reynolds is no stranger.

While most of us wish our mishaps never see the light of day, the Deadpool star’s wife, Blake Lively, made sure she wasn’t the only one getting a kick out of his attempt to make Christmas cookies.

On Friday, Lively took to Instagram to show off his sugar cookie creations, which look like he maybe got some help fromtheir two daughters, James, 3, and Ines, 1.

“@vancityreynolds made some Christmas cookies… 😳,” Lively captioned a shot of poorly frosted red, green and white snowmen and star-shaped cookies.

“…He’s verrry handsome though,” the actress, who is known for her skills in the kitchen, joked.

Being the playful couple that they are, Reynolds quickly commented on the post, writing, “I wanted to be the first person to bake Christmas cookies using only a hammer.”

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More than 1,300 other people have commented on the photo, including model and close friend of the couple Gigi Hadid, who probably made Reynolds feel a little better, writing, “Proud!”

If you’re finding yourself in a similar situation as Reynolds (with Christmas only 3 days away!), we have 31 recipes that will save the day.

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