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Updated December 08, 2020 12:26 PM
Blake Lively

What a way to celebrate your birthday, Blake!

The actress-turned-lifestyle guru, who turned 27 on August 25, celebrated her big day with what else, a homemade birthday cake and a “fake party.” Let us explain.

Lively took to her site Preserve to document her milestone, which sounds like it didn’t get off to the best start. The birthday beauty got stung by bees just as she was finessing up a photoshoot for her site.

“I felt an electric shock of energy — was it excitement that I was about to turn another year older?,” Lively wrote. “As it happens, I wasn’t being greeted by the onset of spontaneous aging, but rather a full-fledged bee day. Attacked. All over. Everywhere. I was shaken. I was swollen….What better way to recover than throw a fake 27th birthday party for myself?”

So Lively’s baking passion and decorating instincts kicked it, and it looked like she pulled out all the stops.

“I looked for the nearest vanilla cake and decorated it. Step one of therapy complete,” she wrote. “I then found the basin that I use to make giant hot fudge sundaes in, and instead, I made a flower interpretation of a sundae (complete with spoons, two gumdrops squished together to look like a cherry and baby’s breath acting as whipped cream.) I pulled out all my favorite Preserve treats — necklaces, that in my mind, represent candy drops, candles that smell like birthday cake (dear lord it’s the best thing you’ve ever encountered), messy hot fudge, sparkling tassels with complementary lanterns and little votives that remind me of the dolls who marked so many of my earlier years.”

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The result, a beautiful “party” that ended with Lively holding her perfectly decorated vanilla cake — topped with a giant, glittery “27” and sparklers. Let’s hope husband Ryan Reynolds also got in on the fun — or, at least a slice.

—Michelle Ward