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January 25, 2017 02:04 PM

Because Billy Porter and his husband decided to get married 16 (!) days into their engagement, they planned their day around the essentials: close friends and family, a few cases of bubbly — and a handsome cake, of course.

The Broadway star, 47, and his longtime partner Adam Smith — the 35-year-old co-owner of eyewear company Native Ken — said “I do” on Jan. 14 at a pal’s Chelsea penthouse in Manhattan. After exchanging vows, the newlyweds toasted with champagne and dessert from N.Y.C.’s Empire Cake: a two-tier confection, complete with bow ties and his-and-his cake toppers.

The sweet treat was a perfect fit for the intimate soirée, where 45 loved ones gathered to celebrate the happy couple.

Bruce Glikas/STQproductions

After Porter popped the question on Dec. 29, the pair pulled together their impromptu nuptials in less than two weeks. And the decision to marry so soon after their engagement was a political one.

“We were discussing, and Billy had actually brought up to me that it’s important for us to get married [Barack] Obama is still President and before January 20,” Smith told PEOPLE. “So we sat down and figured out when we could make it work before the 20th.”

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Indeed, “This is an extension of our activist side. It’s still important to show the world what our love looks like; it’s important for us to take that stand,” Porter, who won a Tony Award for originating the role of Lola in Kinky Boots, said the day before they wed. “I think about when I grew up and when I came out in the ’80s: As a black gay man, there were no examples to validate my existence. So I vowed at that age to try to be that for the generations behind me if I had the chance.”

And so, Smith got to work, planning their big day.

Bruce Glikas/STQproductions

“I’ve thrown a lot of parties, so I can do it pretty quick!” he says. “We thought: We’ll get a beautiful cake, we’ll get cases of champagne, and it’ll just be cake and champagne and live music.”

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Now that they’ve walked down the aisle, the couple says they’re planning a bigger bash.

“The thought was, we would do this quick, get it in under Obama, then later down the line, we’re gonna throw a more big, flashy party and stuff that we actually plan and can have everybody. So that is the plan!”

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