Cocktail, Anyone? Bill Murray Worked as a Bartender in Brooklyn for a Very Sweet Reason

The actor showed off his mixology skills as a bartender at his son's new restaurant

Bill Murray is Brooklyn’s latest bartender.

The 65-year-old actor arrived to his son Homer’s new eatery, 21 Greenpoint in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, around 7:45 p.m. on Friday and was a dutiful server to all the patrons in attendance for the restaurant’s special event. About six years ago, the Caddyshack star went behind the bar to serve up some tequila shots at SXSW.

But this time around, Murray took people’s specific orders — and poured a lot of shots.

From time to time, Murray would take shots with the attendees, dance and sing along to songs playing at the bar. His guest appearance was slated as a private party, but some fans were let in from outside.

And at one point, four FDNY firefighters joined the party and Murray snapped some pictures with them. But the most noteworthy part of the evening was his thoughtful toast to his son.

“This is my first born-son, Homer. I am so happy that he has not continued in the family business,” he said. “Instead, he has taking the joy of the family to have a drink, and have a meal, and have friends together in one place, and made it his life’s work. To my son, and his friends, and his work friends and all of his partners.”

Murray is also slated to bartend at the restaurant on Saturday night.

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