By peoplestaff225
Updated December 08, 2020 11:42 AM

Internet (and Jon Stewart), you have been exploding with disgust that newly inaugurated New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio would dare to eat his pizza with utensils and not his bare mayoral hands.

The backstory: Associated Press political reporter Jonathan Lemire Tweeted a photo of De Blasio eating a thin-crust pie with fork and knife in hand, which is a faux pas among many veteran New Yorkers—who feel that the only “real” way to eat pizza is to break the crust just so and fold the slice in half.

The stern stance stems from the high volume of to-go slice shops in N.Y.C; when you’re eating pizza on a street corner, the fold-and-bite technique makes sense. The photo went viral, and every local pizza maker has been weighing in—most of them disapprovingly.

We’re here with the last pop-culture word: If George Costanza can convince the Yankees board of directors that they should be eating Snickers bars with a knife and fork, it’s a kosher move with any pick-upabble food product.

Fork on, Bill.

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