The mascot has been around since the chain opened in the 1930s

By Mary Honkus
July 07, 2020 12:48 PM

The iconic Big Boy mascot is getting the boot after almost 90 years.

The restaurant chain announced that while the restaurants will still be named Big Boy, a new mascot will be introduced: a little blonde girl named Dolly. The company says the switch has been months in the making and is tied to a promotion featuring a new menu item.

“We are rolling out a brand-new chicken sandwich. We’re calling it the best cluckin’ chicken sandwich around and Dolly, who has been with Big Boys since the 1950s as far as we can go back with our comic books,” Frank Alessandrini, Big Boy Director of Training told Michigan's Wood TV. “We decided that she’s going to be the star of this sandwich as Big Boy was the star of his double-decker sandwich.”

Dolly has already replaced Big Boy as the mascot on the company's website and social media pages, but it is unclear whether this is a permanent change or if this is just a temporary promotional move for the new chicken sandwich.

Credit: George Rose/Getty

“It is Dolly’s time to shine now with our chicken sandwich. So, she’s taken the forefront right now. She’s in charge,” Alessandrini said. “The name will always be Big Boy but as far as the logo, she’s leading the charge and we’ll see when he comes back if he does.”