Bethenny Frankel Reveals the Healthy Lunch She Makes Her Daughter 'Every Day'

"It just makes me so happy," Frankel tells PEOPLE.

Bethenny Frankel Celebrates the Launch of Skinnygirl Market Fresh Deli
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Bethenny Frankel‘s 7-year-old daughter is already following in her mother’s footsteps and choosing to eat healthy.

The Real Housewives of New York star and owner of Skinnygirl told PEOPLE on Tuesday that her daughter Bryn prefers a homemade lunch over the hot lunch all the other kids are eating.

“I pack Bryn’s lunch every day. I put the turkey and the cheese or the ham and cheese on a whole wheat wrap every day,” Frankel says. “They can get hot lunch — most of the kids in the class get hot lunch — but she chooses, and I don’t know why it just makes me so happy. I always bring it up, and I always say in front of her friends, ‘Bryn, how come you don’t get hot lunch?’ ‘Because I like the way my mommy makes it.’ Even Fridays! Even pizza days. So I do a hard boiled egg, I have a whole little thing I do.”

This routine is what inspired Frankel to expand her Skinnygirl empire to include healthier deli meat with no nitrates and reduced sodium. “It’s a terrible category with terrible options that are all high in sodium and not natural and frankly, gross,” Frankel says. “The turkey is stuck to each other and it’s not pleasant to the eye or to the palate.”

Skinnygirl Market Fresh Deli features four different products: herb encrusted turkey breast, honey smoked turkey breast, applewood smoked uncured ham and cane sugar uncured sweet ham.

“It’s also for women who are coming back from the gym — everyone is trying to be healthy and eat protein — so it’s a good thing to roll up a piece of turkey and have it taste good,” Frankel says. “It tastes miles better than anything I’ve had. So I like the category, I like the partner, I like the solution.”

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While her daughter likes to expect the same lunch every day, Frankel says she, personally, is “not a creature of habit with food.”

“I eat differently everyday,” she says. “I had a blueberry chocolate chip muffin today, I think two days ago my breakfast was avocado toast, sometimes I have Matcha tea, sometimes I have a Skinnygirl coffee. It’s always different. I believe in variety.”

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