10 of Our Favorite Ice Cream Shops in the U.S. (to Visit This Summer If You Can!)

When it comes to frozen desserts, these spots are the cream of the crop!

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Experience the cool and delightfully stretchy texture of the Arabic-style treat in Houston.

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Crescent Ridge

crescent ridge ice cream

In Sharon, Massachusetts, this local favorite uses fresh milk from small, family-owned farms nearby.

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Kelley Country Creamery

kelley county creamery

Near Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, this dairy has 500-plus favors, like peach pie.

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Taharka Brothers

taharka brothers ice cream

In Baltimore, scoop up creamy artisanal flavors, such as honey graham and matcha mochi.

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Mora Iced Creamery

mora ice cream

At this Bainbridge Island, Washington, shop, savor frozen gianduja, made with rich chocolate and hazelnuts.

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Ice Cream Jubilee

ice cream jubilee

Small batch blends — like Thai iced tea — are the stars at this popular Washington, D.C., spot.

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I Am Frozen Dessert Café

i am frozen dessert

In Overland Park, Kansas, dive into shaved cream — ice cream and shaved ice.

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Saffron & Rose

saffron and rose ice cream

In L.A., try Persian-style ice cream in flavors like mango or faloodeh (rose water with rice noodles).

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Frozen café con leche is even better than it sounds at this Cuban-inspired shop in Miami.

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Crank & Boom

crank and boom ice cream
Sarah Jane Webb

Delicious blends, like blackberry and buttermilk, are made with local ingredients in Lexington, Kentucky.

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