Warning: These video clips may induce chocolate cravings.

February 05, 2014 02:54 PM

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Warning: These video clips may induce chocolate cravings.

Chocolate has had a starring moment in so many of our favorite TV shows and movies, we’re surprised it hasn’t won a Golden Globe by now. Behold, some of the best:

1. Lucy and Ethel treat us to some slapstick humor when working the conveyor belt at a chocolate factory in an iconic episode of I Love Lucy.

2. After watching Homer Simpson dance through a land of chocolate, just try to tell us that a world where you can snack on street lamps isn’t your dream, too.

3. A magical boat ride down a chocolate river in 1971’s Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory turns into chaos—and ends with an eerie song from Gene Wilder.

4. Call the Betty Crocker clinic! Miranda eats chocolate cake from the garbage in a 2001 episode of  Sex and the City.

5. But sorry, Darren Star—it’s been done before, with a chocolate eclair. Watch George Costanza’s sly trash-can move in this 1994 Seinfeld clip.

6. Chocolate made several memorable appearances on Seinfeld, including in this infamous chocolate babka scene.

7. We couldn’t forget Forrest Gump’s iconic line. Say it with us, now…

8. Don Draper gets surprisingly nostalgic to Hershey’s execs in the most recent Mad Men finale.

9. Watch Kristen Wiig lose it in a chocolate fountain in Bridesmaids, complete with some NSFW language.

10. If anyone was still watching Adam Sandler movies in 2003, you may remember this over-the-top choking-on-chocolate scene from Duplex.

11. Harry Potter meets Ron Weasley and discovers Chocolate Frogs. Classic.

12. Okay, pretty much any scene from Chocolat would have counted. But who can resist Johnny Depp licking his fingers while Juliette Binoche guesses his favorite chocolate?

13. Things get a tad out of hand when Monica tries to make candy for her neighbors in this episode of Friends.

14. Actually, this gluttonous scene from Matilda makes us never want chocolate cake again—but little Brucie Bogtrotter sure showed Miss Trunchbull!

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