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Updated October 06, 2015 08:00 AM

On October 6th, Instagram turns 5-years-old, and we cannot believe the photo sharing app hasn’t been around our whole lives. (Seriously, though. What did we do with pictures of our face in 2007? Did we even take pictures of our face back then?)

Instagram has become a place to post selfies at 2 a.m., yes, but also to find inspiration, for everything from dinner to travel to home decorating to adorable French bulldogs. (By the way, are you following PEOPLE Great Ideas on Instagram yet?)

Five of our favorite chefs — Jamie Oliver, Christina Tosi, Dominique Ansel, Ina Garten and Camille Becerra — exclusively shared which accounts they love to follow most on Instagram. Here’s where they get their inspiration:

Chef Jamie Oliver‘s picks:

1. Gennaro Contaldo (@gennarocontaldo): “I absolutely love this legend’s Instagram feed. He may be nearly 100 years old, but his energy and relationship with his community is amazing – he’s taken to the world of social media like a duck to water. And he is always cooking stunning Italian food. You’ll find loads of inspiration here!”

2. Georgina Hayden (@georgiepuddingnpie): “An amazing food writer and part of my food family for 9 years … my Greek sister’s food photos are always gorgeous, but her cakes are proper works of art. Her Instagram feed is packed full of inspiration and sneak-peek looks at some recipes from her own book!! Go girl.”

3. Christian Stevenson (@djbbq): “This guy is the dude of all dudes. He’s got the best energy, cooks amazing BBQ and is always smoking meat somewhere in the world. He’s mad, fun, passionate and crazy – and well worth a follow.”

4. Chris Bianco of @pizzeriabianco: “Simply the best pizzas I’ve ever seen and tasted! But more than that, he’s an amazing human being. He’s’so in tune with his cooking, his staff and his customers, the seasons and the farmers. He is just a joy to follow and always teaches me something. Not just food – life, too.”

5. David Loftus (@davidloftus): “I’ve been shooting with Lord Loftus for 17 years now! And his account is one of my favorite foodie Instagram feeds, packed with photo after photo of beautiful food and his epic travels around the world. Lucky boy.”

Cronut chef Dominique Ansel‘s picks:

1. Questlove (@questlove): “I’ve known Ahmir since I was on Jimmy Fallon a little more than 2 years ago, and he’s become a good friend. I always like his photos of his rock star life, and he always likes my photos of food!”

2. Cubby Graham (@cubbygraham): “I really admire all the work he’s doing for Charity Water to help bring clean water to people everywhere. His posts are always so creative.”

3. Daniel Krieger (@danielkrieger): “He’s my photo mentor! He taught me how to take great photos on my iPhone for Instagram. I call him The Lightchaser because he’s all about catching the light and his photos are all so beautiful.”

4. Theo the French bulldog (@theobonaparte): “Everyone in the office has been asking me to get a Frenchie. I think we’d name him Cronut. Following Theo subliminally encourages me to do that … eventually.”

5. Pinot Ichwandardi (@pinot): “I discovered his account after he came to visit the Kitchen shop and tagged us a few times. He draws these really cool animated sketches and incredibly spot-on portraits. He even drew me!”

Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten‘s picks:

1. Elizabeth Minchilli (@eminchilli): “She’s an American living in Rome who writes books like Eating Rome: Living the Good Life in the Eternal City. Her stylish blog makes me feel what it would be like to take a walk past the Coliseum at sunrise every morning and to eat the best Italian gelato in the afternoon.”

2. Debby Tenquist (@debbytenquist): “She’s a landscaper and decorator in South Africa who posts the most gorgeous photographs of gardens all over the world. She has a brilliant eye.”

3. Hip Paris (@hipparis): “Erica Berman offers a beautiful slice of Paris life, which is of course, where I always want to be!”

4. Miguel Flores-Vianna (@miguelfloresvianna): “He’s a photographer and friend who is always traveling and taking us with him. Every one of his photographs is art, and he brings us to extraordinarily beautiful places.”

5. Union Square Events (@unionsqevents): “They’re the catering business of Danny Meyer’s legendary Union Square Hospitality Group (Union Square Café, Gramercy Tavern, etc.) and now the Shake Shack empire. There is no business person I admire more than Danny, and the Union Square Events blog is a way to see first-hand what’s coming out of their kitchen.”

Milk Bar pastry chef Christina Tosi‘s picks:

1. Converse (@converse): “Because I go everywhere in mine, too!”

2. Jenni Radosevich (@ispydiy): “To feed the daily DIY craft enthusiast in me.”

3. Dogs of Instagram (@dogsofinstagram): “I’m a sucker for those furry fools.”

4. Polaroid (@polaroid): “To see the world as the soulfully explorative, fascinating place that it is.”

5. Miserable Men (@miserablemen): “For taming the crazy lady in me. Gals, can’t we give these poor, sweet men a break?!”

New York City chef Camille Becerra‘s picks:

Tasya van Ree (@tasyavanree): “This gorgeous feed offers images from the artist/photographer. Her style is just as brilliant as her beautiful images of woman, horses and travel.”

Andrea Gentl (@andreagentl): “With travel, food and style, her feed reads like a lesson is fine art.”

Nicole Franzen (@nicolefranzen): “She’s a girl about town and the world. Travel with her by way of her feed and meet the best chefs, tastemakers and most beautiful places, restaurants and homes.”

Garance Doré (@garancedore): “This French beauty knows everyone you only wish you could hang with. Get a sense of what French impeccable, unfussy style is all about.”

Alex Grossman (@alxgrossmn): “The creative director of America’s leading foodie magazine Bon Appetit lets you in on life surrounded by food pop culture.”

—Maria Yagoda, @mariayagoda