Ben & Jerry's New Ice Cream Flavor Has an Unexpected Ingredient — Potato Chips!

It's the perfect combination of salty and sweet

Ben & Jerry's Chip Happens
Photo: Ben & Jerry's

Sweet and salty lovers, this pint is for you.

Ben & Jerry's is always experimenting with new and exciting flavors to keep fans on their toes, and their latest concoction is finally available in stores across the U.S. The new limited edition Chip Happens flavor features their classic chocolate ice cream and is packed with fudge chips and crunchy potato chip swirls. Trust us — potato chips definitely belong in ice cream.

The Chip Happens flavor also happens to be Ben & Jerry's newest collaboration with Netflix. The flavor was inspired by the Netflix original baking competition series Nailed It!. In the show, amateur bakers try their best to recreate edible works of art, but they often end up with hilarious (and sometimes delicious) fails. But you know, Chip Happens.

The news of the flavor comes a few weeks after Ben & Jerry's announced the postponement of Free Cone Day amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Since 1979, the ice cream company has hosted Free Cone Day in mid-April to celebrate the anniversary of its founding. This has become a fan-favorite holiday, but to deter large crowds, Ben & Jerry’s postponed the special day to an undisclosed later date.

“This year, some of our scoop shops in communities around the world will be unable to take part in Free Cone Day due to precautions put in place by local Governments around large public gatherings, considering the increasing presence of COVID-19,” Ben & Jerry’s announced on their website.

“To stand in solidarity with ice cream lovers everywhere, we have made the difficult decision to postpone Free Cone Day this year. We hope to reschedule our global Free Cone Day event for later in the year.”

While there has yet to be a confirmed new date for free cone day, at least there's a new flavor to tie us over until a date is set.

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