Behati Prinsloo Calls Her and Husband Adam Levine's New Tequila Brand Their 'Third Baby' 

"Our plan from the beginning was for it to have the longevity and ability to grow," Behati Prinsloo tells PEOPLE of the new tequila brand, Calirosa, she and husband Adam Levine have together

Behati Prinsloo Calirosa
Photo: Calirosa

When she isn't strutting down the runway, he isn't touring around the globe, or they aren't raising their two daughters, Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine are drinking tequila.

The Victoria's Secret model, 33, and Maroon 5 frontman, 42, are avid fans of the spirit and are co-founders of Calirosa — a uniquely produced pink-tinted tequila that is made in Mexico and aged in California red wine barrels.

Named after the California barrels ("Cali") and the Spanish word for "pink" ("rosa"), the tequila was love at first taste for Prinsloo and Levine.

"Adam and I love Mexico and first tried a pink tequila when we were in there three or four years ago. We were blown away. I had never heard of tequila being aged in red wine barrels so I was thinking, 'This is crazy! Do they dye it?' " Prinsloo tells PEOPLE.

Typically, tequila is aged in whiskey or bourbon barrels. But the aging process in red wine barrels gives the Calirosa tequila fruity flavors from the red wine and a blush color, for their blanco tequila.

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine
Behati Prinsloo/Instagam

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Prinsloo and Levine knew that they wanted to be included in all aspects of creating Calirosa, telling PEOPLE, "from the label design to the tequila taste to the distillery choice, we are involved in every single part of it."

This is the first project Prinsloo and Levine — who wed in 2014 in Los Cabos, Mexico and Calirosa — have worked on together. "Adam and I have never done anything like this together. He was on The Voice for so long and I was working with Victoria's Secret and then we had kids," Prinsloo says. "Right now, this is my third baby."

The couple cares about the authenticity of tequila making, which reflects in their careful choice of partners. "We found an incredible distillery called Tequila Selecto de Amatitán and we really value their craft," she says of the Real family, who have owned the Jalisco-based distillery for nearly 80 years. "Even though we bottled and labeled it, it is the Real's juice and we really wanted to respect that part of it."

"We never wanted to come out of the gates with this and say, 'Oh this is me and Adam's tequila' and we just slap our names onto it," says Prinsloo. "Our plan from the beginning was for it to have the longevity and ability to grow."

Calirosa was announced earlier this summer. Following the launch, the brand has released a 30-day aged Rosa Blanco ($49.99) and 18-month aged Añejo ($75.99) (and an upcoming Extra Añejo which is aging as we speak).

"Tequila really brings people together," says Prinsloo. And despite COVID-19 lockdowns, Prinsloo and Levine still have been able to enjoy their Calirosa tequila during family dance parties with their daughters, Dusty Rose, 4, and Gio Grace, 3.

"[The girls] would run all over the living room and I would be drinking tequila or wine while dancing with them," says Prinsloo. "The funniest part is that the girls wouldn't listen to any other music other than Maroon 5."

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