Bebe Rexha Teams Up with Lay's to Introduce 3 New Chip Flavors Inspired by Music

The bags hit shelves on March 4.

Lay’s is about to drop some major chip news.

The company announced on Wednesday the addition of three new limited-edition chip flavors inspired by different genres of music: Wavy Electric Lime and Sea Salt (modeled after pop), Flamin’ Hot and Dill Pickle (for hip hop fans), and Kettle Cooked Classic Beer Cheese (designed with rockers in mind). They’ll hit stores nationwide on March 4.

Lay’s collaborated with singer Bebe Rexha to release the flavors in addition to a new single “Right Here, Right Now” previewed in the video above. As part of their “Turn Up the Flavor” program, Rexha remixed the hit in a pop, hip hop, and rock style to match the profiles of each new chip flavor.

(To get the full song—in whatever style you prefer—fans will need to buy the corresponding bag and use the printed code to download it on

Bebe Rexha_Lay's Turn Up the Flavor
Courtesy Lay's

Rexha tells PEOPLE her go-to of all three flavors is the beer cheese variety. “That’s the best combo ever. I’m addicted to them,” she says, adding that she likes to “stick them in my sandwiches.”

Courtesy Lay's

The Grammy nominee says the song “Right Here, Right Now” is about “living life to the fullest at the very moment because life goes by really quick and it’s just about having fun. It just makes you feel so good and it just amps you up.”

The sentiment is similar to her overall diet philosophy while traveling around the country sharing her music.

“When I’m on the road, I love just throwing myself into the culture of wherever I’m at,” says Rexha. “I’m the biggest foodie ever. I’m obsessed with food. I try to be healthy and work out but I like to have the best of both worlds. I think you have one life and it’s just fun to eat everything—in moderation.”

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