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September 02, 2015 01:28 PM

Andrew Harnik/AP

When he’s not snapping selfies with Bear Grylls, President Obama has spent some time in Alaska dealing with other pressing matters: like cinnamon rolls.

At the tail end of his historic three-day trip to the Arctic, the food-loving Commander-in-Chief popped into local Anchorage coffee shop Snow City Cafe on Tuesday  and he came with an appetite.

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“How many of those do you guys have?” he asked the barista as he pointed to the cinnamon rolls in the glass case, reports the Associated Press. “I’m going to take all of those.”

Andrew Harnik/AP

These aren’t the little pull-apart cinnamon rolls you get at the grocery store, either. These are the monstrous, pillowy kind, each individually wrapped and occupying its own entire plate.

And, hey, who can blame him? After spending a day trekking through the wilderness, anyone would be hungry.

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This is the second time the President has made headlines in the pastry world this week. In an interview with the Jewish publication Forward posted on Monday, he came to talk about the Iran deal, and ended on a lighter note: Which type of bagel is best?

According to Obama, the answer is poppy seed, specifically from his old college go-to spot: H&H Bagels in New York City (which, he was sad to learn, is no longer with us).

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—Shay Spence