Bagelgate? NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Ridiculed for His Inaccurate Bagel Claim

Bill de Blasio dug himself into a bagel hole, alright

Bill de Blasio
Photo: Erik Pendzich/REX/Shutterstock

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio championed the Big Apple’s bagels on Wednesday. But in doing so, he seems to have found himself in hot water with a portion of his 8 million constituents.

In a Twitter post in celebration of National Bagel Day, the mayor praised a bagel from a local bagel shop in his former neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn — declaring that Bagel Hole was the “BEST” bagel “no contest.”

That certainty could be enough to get any bagel-lover into a spirited debate. But then, the former presidential hopeful took things a step further by pointing out his favorite order.

Whole wheat. Extra cream cheese. Toasted,” de Blasio wrote, according to The New York Times.

The problem with that, aside from the fact that many believe a good bagel should never need to be toasted? Well, the Bagel Hole famously doesn’t toast their bagels. They don’t even have a toaster in the store.

We bake them here and they’re already hot,” Raul Perez, Bagel Hole’s assistant manager, told The New York Post. “It’s the old-fashioned way.”

De Blasio, in an attempt to dig himself out of his bagel hole, soon deleted his original tweet and reposted it without the word “toasted.”

What can I say, I must have a hole in my memory,” he joked.

That didn’t stop critics from lobbying complaints de Blasio’s way, even naming the controversy, “BagelGate.”

De Blasio owns a house around the corner from the Bagel Hole, where he and his family lived before relocating to Manhattan’s Gracie Mansion — the traditional residence of New York City mayors — after his election in 2014.

He’s known for still traveling to Park Slope often for workouts at the local Y.M.C.A. blocks away.

As for Bagel Hole? “[I] don’t get there as much as I used to, but it was our go-to when the kids needs a bite before Little League,” de Blasio said on Twitter (his kids, son Dante and daughter Chiara, are both in their 20s).

This isn’t the first time de Blasio has gotten into a food-related controversy.

Back in 2014, the then newly inaugurated mayor was photographed eating a thin-crust pizza pie with a fork and a knife in hand — a faux pas to many New Yorkers, who feel that the only “real” way to eat pizza is to break the crust just so and fold the slice in half.

The photo went viral and had every local pizza maker and even Jon Stewart weighing in, most of them disapprovingly.

That controversy earned the name “#ForkGate.”

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