'Bachelor in Paradise' 's Derek Peth Has Shocked the Nation with the Way He Eats Cheese

The reality star was spotted biting into a chunk of brie like a sandwich.

Bachelor Nation…listen up. Derek Peth, a notable Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradisealum, has set the internet ablaze with the very unique cheese-eating method.

Peth, 33, was seen on fellow Bachelor in Paradise alum Ashley Iaconetti‘s Instagram story holding a huge chunk of brie in one hand — rind and all — and a small slice of bread in the other. But he wasn’t spreading the cheese onto the bread like one would hope. He was alternating bites, and eating the cheese like a sandwich.

Terrifying? Perhaps. But at the same time: inspirational, admirable, humbling, fearless.

The video was originally captured by Iaconetti while backstage at an Almost Famous podcast event, but it really gained traction after reporter and Twitter guru Yashar Ali posted the video with the caption, “Look how @PethDerek eats Brie…my god.”

Fans were immediately enthralled by the strange habit, caught between feelings of confusion and admiration at the same time. “The rind is so unappealing to me,” wrote one fan, while another simply asked: “derek what the hell.”

Derek Peth eats Brie like a sandwich
Yashar Ali/ twitter

Despite the controversy, it appears that the Iowa-born reality star’s cheese eating style has gained him some new followers, too. One woman wrote, “This earned him an instant follow. He’s only missing the wine.”

But after reading Peth’s pinned tweet, which says “My love language is cheese,” it becomes obvious that Peth did this with clear intention. “10/10 would recommend,” he replied to Ali’s tweet.

He even laughed when the podcast’s co-host Ben Higgins, who at the time was sitting next to Peth on the couch, joked, “Just me next to Derek as he eats a block of cheese.”

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The video also caught the attention of J.D. Scholten, a professional baseball player turned Iowa congressional candidate, who replied to the original tweet with “Derek…?.” But the 33-year-old Bachelorette alum seemingly has no shame and retorted, “it was good cheese!”

In the end, we hope that one day we’ll have enough confidence to bite directly into a half-round of brie. Until then, we’ll stick to our bread and crackers.

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