November 18, 2015 12:08 PM

While Aziz Ansari was grateful to have his parents act in his new series, Master of None, having them around for filming also caused some conflict in his personal life.

On Tuesday night, the comedian told Conan O’Brien that although his father, Shoukath, and mother, Fatima, don’t eat pork because of their Muslim religion, Aziz, 32, does not share the same belief because “I’m not religious and it tastes very tasty.”

“If I’m around my parents, I don’t eat pork because it feels weirdly disrespectful or something,” he revealed. “But then they’re in town for two weeks, which is a longer period of time, and something happened, Conan.”

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During a dinner out with girlfriend chef Courtney McBroom and his parents—who star as his TV parents in the Netflix series—Aziz decided, “I’m 32 year old, I can do whatever I want.” So the actor indulged in pork despite upsetting mom and dad. This rebellion also continued for two more meals.

It wasn’t until the third meal that tensions got too high for Aziz to handle it.

“At a certain point, my girlfriend gets up and goes to the restroom and I just looked at my parents and I was like, ‘Help! She’s making me eat pork, I don’t know what to do!'” he admits.

Now Aziz says, “I’m in the clear.” Well, at least until his parents see his late night appearance…

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—Ana Calderone, @anacalderone

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