The new line is now available at Target

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The wait is over: Ayesha Curry‘s debut cookware line is now on sale!

The Seasoned Life cookbook author, restaurant owner and creator of Homemade delivery meal kits gave her fans a sneak peek of her collection a couple of weeks ago–and now people can shop the line exclusively at Target before it goes in retail stores nationwide next month.

The initial launch of the line includes cookware, stoneware, bakeware, cutlery, tools and gadgets and pantry items, while cast iron and specialty enamel on steel collections will make their debut in November.

If the kitchenware will help people cook anything like Curry, it’s safe to assume it will quickly sell out. Here’s what we’re currently eyeing:

Credit: Meyer Corporation U.S.

Available in three different colors, this pan will not only serve as a great tool for whipping up grilled cheese sandwiches, it will also give meat those beautiful grill marks without you having to go outside. Buy It!: $39.99;

Credit: Meyer Corporation U.S.

A cooling rack and baking pan all in one! Simply move your cookies over to the rack to let them cool after baking on the pan. The textured diamond pattern also ensures even, non-stick cooking — perfect for roasting vegetables or making oven fries. The set is also available in silver. Buy It!: $19.99;

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As a mom-to-two, it’s likely that Curry thought of the convenience that comes with this item. Bake a cake (or brownies!) and travel with ease with the sealable cover. Perfect for kids’ class birthday parties and outdoor events. Buy It!: $19.99;

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Impress your guests with a dish that looks stylish while sitting out for serving. The 2.5-quart dish is stain-resistant and features Curry’s signature heart logo on top. Available in three colors. Buy It!: $34.99;

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Credit: Meyer Corporation U.S.

A good spatula is a chef’s secret weapon. Replace your boring ones with this set of two that has cheerful heart designs. Buy It!: $9.99;

Credit: Meyer Corporation U.S.

And if you can’t decide what to get, there’s no harm in buying it all! The stunning set comes in blue, brown or red and makes for a great gift (or treat yourself!). Buy It!: $139.99;