Ayesha Curry Can Only Get Steph to Cook for Her Once a Year—'If I'm Lucky'

Ayesha Curry isn't afraid to admit she sometimes dreads coming home and having to cook—but she doesn't look at Steph to pick up the slack

Photo: Amanda Marsalis

Even though she’s a chef, Ayesha Curry isn’t afraid to admit she sometimes dreads coming home after a long day and having to cook for her family.

“I would be a liar to say no I didn’t,” the mom of two and wife to NBA star Steph Curry, told PEOPLE at the launch of Arla Foods and No Kid Hungry‘s Live Unprocessed Project. “I have those days when takeout is the direction we go.”

Unfortunately, on those days, Ayesha can’t necessarily rely on Steph to step up to the stove. “If I’m lucky, like once a year he’ll cook me,” she laughs. But it’s not for a lack of trying. Ayesha says ever since she released her cookbook, The Seasoned Life, the Golden State Warriors player has shown an interest in the kitchen. “He’s actually cooked a bunch of recipes out of the book,” she says.

"The Live Unprocessed Project" New York Premiere
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Mostly, though, Steph serves as the perfect taste tester. “Because I am a chef, I have to try new things all the time so it’s been really good to have my family to be able to be there and test everything out,” she says.

One dish he can’t seem to get enough of is Ayesha’s chicken parmesan. “I like cooking my spice rubbed chicken for him with parsley mint sauce but he just loves chicken parm,” she shrugs.

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With her show Ayesha’s Home Kitchen returning to Food Network on Sunday, viewers can expect to see a lot of their adorable interactions on the small screen. “I have fun with food and everything’s easy. There’s always a hack, there’s always something to make people’s lives easier in the show so I’m just excited for people to see that,” she says. “I bring a lot of my family in and have fun with them in the kitchen and I feel like that’s really special.”

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