Aniston played sous chef when Curry stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show to whip up a few dishes.

Holy guacamole, Ayesha Curry for the win!

The cookbook author dropped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday for a cooking segment alongside DeGeneres’ other guest for the day, Jennifer Aniston. Curry shows them how to make three recipes—mango lemonade cocktails, guacamole, and a vegetable pasta—but the dip was a particularly big hit with Aniston.

“Chips and guac, my favorite!” yells the Murder Mystery as they start making Curry’s spin on the dish, which includes homemade pita chips.

“The way my guacamole works and I think it’s the best guacamole is I add a lot of fixins into [it],” says Curry. As she’s adding the toppings—like fresh garlic, red onion and Havarti cheese—Aniston is encouraging her every step of the way.

“Such a smart move,” she says about the garlic. “This is another move that I love,” adds Aniston after the onion goes in.

“I just got the nod of approval from Jennifer Aniston,” says a satisfied Curry.

Aniston takes things one step further when the Family Food Fight star is making her “quick and easy” dinner of egg noodles and sautéed vegetables.

“We should all be married to you,” jokes Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston Ayesha Curry Ellen DeGeneres
Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Curry, hte owner of the International Smoke restaurants, also joined DeGeneres’ show on Wednesday to announce her upcoming EllenTube digital series called “Fempire with Ayesha Curry.”

As she has been racking up credentials on the culinary scene over the past few years, the wife to NBA star Steph Curry says some people mistakenly credit her success to her husband.

“I think a lot of people do not take me seriously,” she recently said in Working Mother‘s June/July cover story. “They think this is something I’ve obtained because of my husband’s income. That’s not true. He hasn’t invested a dime in my restaurant business.”

Curry shared a particularly frustrating time when a male reporter “bashed” her on live television, telling her she should “be more like the other [basketball] players’ wives,” she recalled. “He literally said, ‘They sit there, they don’t cause any problems, and they look pretty.’”

“Why am I not allowed to have a passion and a dream and a voice?” she added. “That started a fire in me. I could not be stopped, and I wanted to prove myself.”