Ayesha Curry 'Guarantees' Your Kids Will Eat a Healthy Lunch with This Quick Tip

The Food Network star makes lunchtime a breeze 

When you’re cooking for kids, Ayesha Curry is all about quick and creative recipes.

In a new video series for PEOPLE, the mom of two with husband, NBA Star Stephen Curry, offers three ways to get kids’ lunches prepared “in a flash, get them fed, and make it fun for them as well.”

A lot of kids don’t like the sandwich crust, but with Ayesha’s trick of using cookie cutters, you’re making lunch into fun shapes and eliminating that pesky crust. “Whatever your child’s into when it comes to their toys, find a cookie cutter that fits that mold, make a sandwich with it and I guarantee you they’ll eat it,” she says.

In the video above, Ayesha also shows you how to make a colorful bento plate and mini quiches with tomatoes, spinach, cheese and eggs all baked into little phyllo cups. “It’s a great way to get your kids to eat their veggies,” she says. “We’re kind of sneaking it in, making it look pretty and fun in this beautiful little quiche.”

“My kids are going to love this,” she adds, “and I hope yours will, too.”

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