"I thought I could have the best of both worlds," she said. "I’ve learned my lesson entirely."

By Ana Calderone
May 22, 2017 12:25 PM
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Credit: Amanda Marsalis

For Ayesha Curry, filming her Food Network show at home with her husband, Stephen Curry, and their two kids sounded like a dream at first.

“I’m such a homebody. I love being at home,” the lifestyle guru told the Eater Upsell podcast. “Besides food, pajamas are my favorite thing in the whole world. And so when I was told I could film this at home, I was like ‘Yes! I’ll get to be home with my girls and I’ll get to see them on my breaks.'”

In fact, Curry remodeled the kitchen in her San Francisco home years ago “in hopes of having a show,” she said. “I wanted a light, bright kitchen even for photographing the food for my book and for my blog. I knew I needed clean white countertops and it needed to be light and airy, so I did it.”

But after two seasons, the author of The Seasoned Life quickly learned it wasn’t all its cracked up to be. “It had its ups and downs, its positives and its tremendous negatives,” she said.

“It was a nightmare because I would hear the girls cry and we’d have to wait for them to settle down,” she continued, “and then I couldn’t actually see them all day because I didn’t have as many breaks as I thought I would.”

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The family has since moved out of the home with her “show kitchen,” and Curry has no intention of inviting the cameras into the new one if Ayesha’s Homemade is renewed for a third season.

“I thought I could have the best of both worlds,” she said. “I’ve learned my lesson entirely.”