By Grace Gavilanes
July 27, 2016 01:24 PM

Another day, another food trend making waves on Instagram.

From over-the-top milkshakes to pastel-colored Starbucks drinks, we’ve seen our fair share of foods that have caused a social media frenzy — and this latest double-tap-worthy meal is doing just that, while simultaneously making jaws drop with its brilliant take on better-for-you eats. 

Get ready to fall in love/lust/hunger with this vegan burger, featuring two glorious avocado buns. The creation was dreamt up by Colette Dike, the founder and editor-in-chief of FoodDeco, a website dedicated to the “love story between food and decoration.”

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While Dike’s veggie burger, comprised of a chickpea patty, vegan mayonnaise and roasted baby corn, is certainly pretty to look at, the food stylist is not one to merely tempt her Instagram followers with a photo. She also provides fans of her work with detailed step-by-step recipes on how to recreate her Instagram-famous meals.

Not only is this vegan burger recipe — which could be tweaked to include chicken or any protein of your choice — worthy of approval from the most fussy of foodies, but it’s also a special treat for avocado lovers (a.k.a. 93% of the population).

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At first glance, burger fanatics might be taken aback on how to devour the low-carb, avocado-packed meal — but considering these avocado buns aren’t as big as their original counterparts, we don’t think it’d be such a big deal to take on the challenge with our own two hands. Something tells us ending up with bits and pieces of avocado post-feast is a blessing in disguise. 

But for those looking for a less messy meal, there’s always utensils … which may or may not garner looks of disappointment from friends, family and co-workers.