The Call Me By Your Name actor had a very unique dining experience on Wednesday — and live tweeted the entire ordeal.

By Stephanie Petit
March 22, 2018 12:56 PM

Only in La La Land.

Armie Hammer had a very unique dining experience on Wednesday — and live tweeted the entire ordeal.

The Call Me By Your Name star told his 140,000 followers that he stopped by a small Los Angeles eatery for a meal when the only waiter, clearly unaware of his customer’s recent trip to the Oscars, approached him with a strange request: He “comes running up to my table with a huge smile, ‘I’m sorry! Halle Berry just called and wants delivery… can you watch the place while I’m gone??'”

During his stint as the maître d’, there was a hiccup or two, like when Hammer wondered if he should answer the ringing phone, but the waiter eventually returned from what seemed like a successful trip.

Just when the 31-year-old actor thought the strange situation was over, another patron had Hammer questioning his choice of restaurant.

“A dude just came in and sat down next to me, it’s just the two of us [in] here, and ordered the same exact order I did (which is specific),” he tweeted. “What the f— is going on in this place??”

Armie Hammer
Vivien Killilea/Getty

Hammer then shared that the fellow customer decided to pull out his phone to watch a basketball game…with the volume turned all the way up.

“It’s ok…. we are safe. He isn’t me from another dimension,” the actor joked. “But now I question him/his life choices even more.”