Tonight's all about candy and costumes, but we couldn't wait, so we bring you: candy in costume. Oreos, M&Ms and Starbursts are all donning bright orange and yellow disguises this year! That is to say, each brand has come out with a candy corn flavor to celebrate Halloween.

By peoplestaff225
Updated December 08, 2020 11:33 AM
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Candy Corn Oreos, Starbursts, M&Ms

Halloween is all about candy and costumes, so today we bring you: candy in costume.

Oreos, M&Ms and Starbursts are all donning bright orange and yellow disguises, offering limited-edition candy corn versions of their mass market treats. In fact, the Candy Corn Oreos have been so popular, they’ve sold out at most Target stores—and are selling for as much as $12 per box on eBay.

The candy corn craze has spiked in the last few years, but do these new products really capture the sweet-waxy-crumbly appeal candy corn lovers crave? We put them to the Taste Test: Read our staffers’s best reactions to see if you should make a last-minute swap in your candy dish, or at least if you should take advantage of Friday’s super-discount candy deals.


“I’m a sucker for white chocolate…these hit the spot! Love them.” —Saryn Chorney, senior editor

“They’re like normal M&Ms, but dipped in diabetes.” —Alison Schwartz, associate editor

“I’m just not ready for my M&M’s to deviate from their standard chocolate or peanut butter goodness.” —Kate Hogan, features editor


“These are the anti-candy corn: You get the candy corn texture and shape, but with Starburst’s fruity flavors. First my mouth was confused—I taste Starburst, but why isn’t this chewy??—and then it was happy… these are strangely addicting.” —Marissa Conrad, associate food & lifestyle editor

“Too. Much. Sugar.” —Kiran Hefa, assistant editor

“Proof that every candy would be better if it were shaped like a corn kernel.” —A.S.


“Nothing scary about these—they taste like yummy birthday cake batter.” —K.H.

“Exactly the right combination of Oreo and candy corn flavor. I could eat 20.” —Rennie Dyball, senior editor

“I could probably only eat one … maybe half. Too sweet. I much prefer regular Oreos.” —S.C.

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