Cauliflower Peeps? Your Guide to All the April Fools' Day Foods This Year

Pizza-flavored seltzers and THC-infused sweeteners! Don't fall for these crazy treats this April Fools' Day. (Although we do wish some of them were real.)

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Green Giant Cauliflower-Flavored Peeps

April Fools Day foods
Green Giant/Peeps

First there was cauliflower pizza, then cauliflower rice, and now cauliflower marshmallows! Peeps (jokingly) announced this collaboration with Green Giant for marshmallow bunnies with a "hint of cauliflower" just in time for Easter.

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Jet-Puffed Burnt Marshmallows

April Fools Day foods
Jet Puffed

It takes real skill to achieve the perfect toasty marshmallow but thanks to Jet-Puffed, all you have to do is pop these pre-roasted mallows in your mouth. Just kidding! If only these were real...

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Ipsy x JIF Peanut Butter Sheet Mask & Exfoliating Scrub

April Fools Day foods

Have you ever seen a more delicious sheet mask? If you didn't know, peanut butter makes for a great exfoliator.

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Ithaca Hummus Spiked Seltzer

April Fools Day foods
Ithaca Hummus/Instagram

Perhaps the healthiest spiked seltzer around — Ithaca Hummus teased a lemon-beet beverage with "an added boost of chickpea protein" just in time for April Fool's Day!

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Banza x Magic Spoon Cereal-Flavored Mac

April Fools Day foods

Who needs cheese-flavored mac & cheese when you could have rainbow cereal-flavored mac & cheese? We don't know if this prank sounds bad or weirdly yummy...

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Sweet'n Low Sweet'n High

April Fools Day foods
Sweet'N Low/Instagram

Add a little extra kick to your coffee with Sweet'N Lows THC Infused sweetener. "Sprinkle on cereal, use in your favorite beverage or enjoy straight from the packet. Also great for 'bake' sales," the brand joked on Instagram.

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Jack Link's Jerky-Scented Cologne

April Fools Day foods
Jack Link's Jerky

This one is no joke! Attract all the carnivores with the captivating smell of jerky thanks to Jack Link's new meaty cologne, which the brand is actually giving away on Instagram.

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Bud Light Seltzer Pizza Pack

April Fools Day foods
Bud Light

Seems like every day there's a new hard seltzer, but would you try a pizza flavor? In four cheesy flavors — pepperoni, anchovy, veggie, and extra cheesy — this variety pack would definitely be the talk of the party.

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