The dollaritas are here to usher in spring

By Hannah Chubb
April 01, 2019 05:28 PM

Applebee’s drink of the month is as sweet as spring, with just enough tequila to keep you warm until the sunnier days in May.

For April, the chain is reviving the Strawberry Dollarita—but this time it comes with a candy surprise on the side.

Participating Applebee’s nationwide will be serving the $1 fruity drinks (hence the name Dollarita), made with tequila, strawberry and margarita mix on the rocks, with a red Twizzler as the straw. Just think about how when you’re sad about finishing your first drink, you can chow down on your chewy straw while you wait for the next one to arrive.

“Applebee’s is all about providing a fun, memorable experience with friends,” said Patrick Kirk, vice president of beverage innovation at Applebee’s. “Sippin’ on a Strawberry Dollarita through a strawberry-flavored Twizzlers straw is just about the coolest and most exciting way to drink a margarita. No question about it.”

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April’s Strawberry Dollarita follows in the footsteps of several other fan-favorite “Neighborhood Drinks of the Month,” including January’s $2 Captain and Colas, February’s Mardi Gras-inspired $1 Hurricanes and March’s St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Punch, which also came topped with candy.