The NFL player's attorney tells PEOPLE they will be filing a motion to dismiss

Stefano 'Chef Steff' Tedeschi Antonio Brown
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Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown is being sued over a misunderstanding that may have started with a fish head.

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, celebrity “Sports Chef” Stefano Tedeschi is suing Brown for an unpaid bill of $38,521.20 after the NFL player hired him to cook for him and his friends over a weekend in 2018. In the lawsuit filed on July 29, Tedeschi claims Brown “wrongfully terminated” the service early and did not allow Tedeschi to retrieve his equipment.

At the time of the filing, Tedeschi told ESPN that Brown had rented a mansion for himself and nearly 50 teammates during Pro Bowl festivities in January 2018. He had hired Tedeschi to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyone during the few days they would be staying there.

Antonio Brown
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The chef said he was never given a reason for the sudden termination and told ESPN that one of Brown’s associates even asked him to not make eye contact with Brown when he left. However, in an interview with TMZ Sports Tuesday, Tedeschi claims he found out that Brown ended their agreement due to confusion surrounding a salmon head the chef stored in the freezer.

“Apparently they misunderstood the fish head,” the chef said.

Tedeschi alleges that Brown and his teammates thought the severed fish head was a “mob, horse head”-type threat when really it was just left-over from their salmon dinner the night before.

In a statement to PEOPLE, Brown’s attorney, Darren Heitner, called Tedeschi’s claim “outlandish” and said they would be filing a motion to dismiss.

“This seems to be the latest nonsensical and outlandish claim made by a chef who merely seeks publicity from the filing of a frivolous action,” Heitner tells PEOPLE. “Our client will be filing his motion to dismiss the action in the near future.”