The Queer Eye star is heading back to Canada for some family time
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Antoni Porowski will be back home in Canada with his family for the holiday season, but the Queer Eye food and wine expert probably won’t be doing much cooking.

“Everyone is super respectful in my family — they don’t want me to cook when I’m around them because they feel like I do it all the time,” the chef, 35, tells PEOPLE about his upcoming vacation. “The irony is that I don’t get to cook as much as I’d like to [because I travel so much].”

Porowski is looking forward to cuddling up at his stepmom’s lake house with a slice of the traditional Tourtiere, a French-Canadian meat pie. “We’re going to sit by the fireplace and hopefully there’s going to be a dog somewhere that we can borrow or have come chill out with us,” he adds. “I’m really excited.”

Antoni Porowski Gorton's Partnership
Credit: Courtesy of Gorton’s

The cookbook author recently revisited another childhood favorite food for his partnership with Gorton’s Seafood and their Wild Alaska Pollock products. Growing up in Montréal, fish sticks were a go-to snack. “As a kid, I ate them dipped into ketchup with a side of peas, butter, and salt,” he tells PEOPLE. “There’s something iconic about it.”

Though he still loves the classic interpretation, Porowski has enjoyed developing more sophisticated recipes for Gorton’s like fish tacos with cabbage, chipotle mayo and “offensive amount of cilantro because I love cilantro,” he jokes.

When he’s really looking to indulge, the foodie always goes back to the same two options. “Mac and cheese or a cheeseboard,” he says. “Having a bunch of cheese and crackers, fresh bread, and dried fruit or fresh fruit is still the ultimate decadence.”

After a successful year of putting out his debut cookbook Antoni in the Kitchen, and starring in multiple seasons of Queer Eye, including Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!, Porowski deserves to let loose. As for how he feels about his latest accomplishment — being named named PEOPLE’s Sexiest Reality Star — he is as modest as ever.

“If you saw me right now I would probably be two shades more red,” he says with a laugh. “I’m honored that people actually took the time to go and click on my name and submit a vote. But at the same time, it’s kind of uncomfortable and not something I really ever aspired to.”