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Updated December 03, 2020 04:24 PM

When many families across America sit down to a turkey this coming Thanksgiving, Anthony Mackie will be chowing down on a different kind of meat: raccoon. No, seriously.

The actor gave his The Night Before castmates an unexpected lesson on how to perfectly prepare the critter during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, just in time for the holidays.

“[There’s a] butcher shop in New Orleans … where they take another wildlife and put it in the turkey,” Mackie told co-stars Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ilana Glazer and Jillian Bell. “You can get a raccoon in it, you can get a squirrel in there.”

The Louisiana native said that he prefers raccoon meat to the more popular “Turducken” (turkey with duck and chicken stuffed inside), although he did contend the combo is “gangsta.”

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As his intrigued cast mates prodded him for more information, Mackie insisted that raccoon is “honestly the best meat you’ll ever have.”

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When it comes to cooking it, the 37-year-old said de-musking is the first step.

“Under all his legs and his neck, there’s a muscle,” he explained. “So you have to cut out the musk or else it’ll stink up your house.”

Mackie said he eats the animal “probably two, three” times a year, and it’s best over spaghetti or with “that brown gravy.”

Gordon-Levitt and Rogen seemed game to join Mackie for a raccoon hunting trip, but it appeared the movie’s female stars were happy to stick with their Thanksgiving dinner staples.

In The Night Before, Mackie, Rogen and Gordon-Levitt play a trio of friends who have spent every Christmas together for 14 years. After realizing the tradition must come to an end, they decide to go out with a bang.

The movie hits theaters on Nov. 20.

—Lindsay Kimble, @lekimble