Anthony Bourdain Reveals 'Six True Things' About Eating Dinner with President Obama


For an upcoming episode of Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain was joined by president Barack Obama for a casual meal in Hanoi.

On May 22, the two feasted on Bun Cha, a typical Hanoi dish, and Bourdain is now spilling the details on what it was like to eat Vietnamese food with the leader of the free world.

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First and foremost: Obama knows his way around a chopstick.

“He handled the sticky, hard to separate noodles that accompany the pork and the broth components of Bun Cha skillfully,” Bourdain wrote on a post called “Six True Things About Eating Dinner with Obama.” “He even went in for seconds.”

Obama also was one of the “very few guests” on Bourdain’s show who asked the camera crew if they got to eat too. Plus, he took a picture with everyone.

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His presence also meant a lot to people who didn’t even get to take a picture with him.

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“The reaction among regular people in Hanoi to the fact that the US President chose to eat Bun Cha was beyond all imagining,” Bourdain wrote. “The effect was unbelievable.People were actually crying the next day, describing to me their shock and their pride, the reactions of their neighbors, to this completely unexpected choice of meal — and the venue.”

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