In some of his final days, Bourdain can be seen laughing, eating, drinking, and even getting a tattoo.

Anthony Bourdain‘s journey on Parts Unknown is coming to an end.

CNN announced that the last season of the hit travel show will premiere on September 23, beginning with the late chef’s trip through Kenya with comedian Kamau Bell.

The Kenya episode was the only episode in season 12 that was completed with Bourdain’s narration before he died by suicide on June 8.

The beloved show also includes four on-location episodes set in Indonesia, West Texas, Spain and New York City’s Lower East Side, plus two specials dedicated to the host.

In an emotional trailer for the season, Bourdain can be seen laughing, eating, drinking, and even getting a tattoo.

“Travel can lift you up, and it can break your heart,” a voice narrates over the visuals of some of Bourdain’s final days. “When the journey leaves its mark, it takes something with you and you leave something good behind.”

Credit: CNN

Though fans will get all new Bourdain material, Netflix has announced that the series will leave the streaming platform on October 1. Parts Unknown was scheduled to be removed from Netflix on June 16 as part of the regular rotation, but they extended the agreement with the series following Bourdain’s death.

All seasons are still available on but last week, CNN confirmed to PEOPLE that the network would be removing select episodes which included Bourdain’s girlfriend Asia Argento. The decision was made after Argento was accused of sexually assaulting actor Jimmy Bennett in a hotel room in California when he was 17 and the actress was 37.

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Argento, now 42, denied the allegation and instead accused Bennett, now 22, of attacking her and “initiating” the sexual contact in a statement released earlier this week by her new lawyer, Mark Jay Heller.

Bennett’s lawyer Gordon K. Sattro released a statement to PEOPLE in response. Argento’s lawyer couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

Parts Unknown season 12 premieres September 23 at 9 p.m. ET on CNN.