A liquid lunch certainly means something different to Anna Paquin than it means to us!
Anna Paquin

A liquid lunch certainly means something different to Anna Paquin than it means to us!

The True Blood star Tweeted this photo Wednesday from vegan restaurant Cafe Gratitude near Venice Beach, where she stopped to lunch with a pal.

The only time we’ve had that many glasses on a table is when they’re filled with wine, so we had to know more: Is this some kind of juice flight? What do they actually taste like? And is this the secret to wearing a skintight leather bodysuit while filming the X-Men movies? (Maybe this whole restaurant is: Beyoncé and her rocking bod stopped by Cafe Gratitude in December for a kale and seaweed salad.)

Our investigation turned up this: The glasses are individual juice shots and come in all sorts of really healthy blends we’re pretty sure L.A. folks go crazy for. As in, we’re a little skeptical of fermented kelp being in anything we drink. But, hey. Cheers!

If you’re curious about the full lineup, from left to right you see: the Enlivened, made from (gulp) blue-green algae and rosemary essential oil; Active, featuring that fermented kelp, plus pineapple juice, celery juice, cilantro, miso and chlorella; Beaming, mixing orange juice, carrot juice and three types of berries; and Brave, a combo of fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper, turmeric, ginger root and oregano essential oil, another ingredient that we are very unsure of outside of on a steaming, cheese-laden pizza.

Could the healthy lunch be spurred by True Blood director Stephen Moyer’s affinity for nude scenes? The show’s seventh and final season kicks off soon — click here for a teaser.

Tell us: Would you try these shots?

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